The Block List

This is the list of accounts that have blocked my account (@Reflog_18) on Twitter. I included some of the accounts that blocked me but decided to come back in the fold, because #AllinCle (Thanks @CavsDan).


Top Five Power Ranking

  1. @Rencleveland (Renaissance Cleveland hotel)
  2. @ShannonSharpe
  3. @JoeBanner13
  4. @TonyGrossi
  5. @MaryKayCabot

Other Notables

  1. @StephSteinberg
  2. @annahorford

Lifted their blocks and came back to the Dark Side

  1. @CavsDan
  2. @Bomani_jones
  3. @babengalsfan




  • @scottfordtvguy
  • @_bigben7
  • @justinkokos
  • @thekardiackid
  • @jimwalker13
  • @Dan9074
  • @maybenextyearcle
  • @Corkin02
  • @Ilikeseandaily
  • @gators4life0608

People I have Blocked



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