The Benefits of a Nimble Social Media Department

I am constantly amazed that few companies grasp the power a well-placed intervention on social media can have for their brand. It can be risky if poorly executed, but can pay dividends for a savvy company if done with the right voice to the right audience.

Take the case of the Akron Zoo. The account had around 9,000 followers and would regularly tweet. Like many companies in the Twitter-verse, they struggled to get mentions for their posts.


One of their astute social marketers saw an opportunity when they were mentioned in a tweet referencing the potential of NBA star Dwyane Wade coming to Cleveland.


They jumped on it.


When he ultimately decided to go to Chicago, they rolled with the punch.


What did all of this ultimately mean? This little Twitter conversation that cost them no incremental marketing dollars reached an audience that far eclipsed what many traditional marketing efforts can reach in one swoop.

In all, the conversation reached a quarter of a million people in only a few tweets!

In addition they gained hundreds of followers for future Tweets and built from a common connection with their target market.image

Companies that are nimble enough to take advantage of these chance encounters on social media will win in the new media world!

-Chris McNeil



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