Ohio Battle of the Bands

Here is ground zero for the #OhioBandBattleTourney- where we will find out the people’s choice for best band from Ohio.


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Your Twitter HandleOhio Band NominationWhy this band?
StealthNinja1The McCoysHang On Sloopy.
@MayorMcDiFBrewer & Shipley"One Toke Over The Line" may be the best "one hit" wonder ever!

Tom Shipley was born in Ohio and graduated from Baldwin Wallace; met Mike Brewer while he was performing in Kent. The rest, as they say, is...ummm...can't remember...
@getstangryO.A.RFirst gig was at the same party where Four Loko was supposedly invited. It's like an Ohio fairytale
@Lakatos08MSBCleveland Icon.
So many people from Northeast Ohio associate this band with their youth!!
LisaMore4Walk the MoonLead singer Nicholas Petricca is an Ohio native. Who hasn't shouted, "Shut up and dance with me!" on a drunken night out? My niece loves them.
@tim_cookU2Because they are on every iPhone and iPad for free.
@LC_BrownsfanRed Sun RisingRock band from Akron, that's starting to get noticed. Only one album out but it's pretty solid
@coloradobuckeyeTwenty One PilotsBecause they rule...
@kbeaz1976The Music ExplosionLittle Bit O' Soul" reached #2 on Billboard hot 100 in 1967 (not sure of exact week/month) and I believe it was only non-Beatle song in top 5 or 10
Your Twitter HandleOhio Band NominationWhy this band?
@henchmenRed Wanting BlueColumbus OH. Several albums. Midwest touring staple.
Austg21Bootleg whiskey banIt's my dads band and his band is bad ass
@CaseyBerginCasey and the BlowfishUhhh 2nd times a charm? 😁
@henchmenThe RaspberriesInfluenced Bruce Springsteen and hundreds of other major bands. AM rock radio staple in late 60's with several Billboard top 100 hits.
@DJSeb9Michael Stanley BandBest 70's rockers based in CLE. Their New Year's Eve concerts at the Richfield Coliseum were legendary.
@henchmenThe O'JaysCanton OH.
@henchmenScreamin Jay HawkinsFrom Cleveland. His song " I Put A Spell On You" and performances were the start of Shock Rock. Influenced Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson and countless others.
@henchmenJoseph ArthurAkron singer/songwriter with hits "In The Sun" and "Even Though". Has recorded with Michael Stipe from REM and played with Lou Reed, Ben Harper and Dhanhi Harrison.
@domomustacheKid Cudihe is the definition of musical creativity, and he's from right here in Ohio
@henchmenThe GodzFrom Columbus OH. 2 albums of mid-level success in the '70's and a classic anthem "Gotta Keep A Runnin". Ohio touring staple for decades.
@henchmenNicholas MegailsOriginal singer/songwriter from CLE. opened up for Nine Inch Nails at the Q in 2007. Worked into a multia media personality with appearances on MTV and the most followed user on the Vine platform.
@BenRadeffOARAlthough from Rockville, MD, the 5 founding members went to tOSU. Solid alternative rock crew
@goohiosportsGuided By VoicesIndie pioneers who were around forever and broke up on their terms. Plus, they're awesome.
@jacketsfan77Screamin' Jay HawkinsCleveland's own and the father of "shock rock" whose "Little Demon" is still being used in Fitbit commercials today. His biggest success, "I Put A Spell on You", is a Halloween classic. Egregiously, he's not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
@steelernation92@redwantingblueBeen watching them make and perform great music in Ohio for over 15 years.
CBeckerPat DaileyWho else have you ever listened to while drunk at Put-in-Bay?
Adambell_121 PilotsThey good
CBecker7Black KeysBest thing to come out of Akron since LeBron!
@camininatorThe Black KeysThey're one of the best current rock bands
@dmbDave Matthews BandJust in case somebody didn't nominate them yet
@dmbDave Matthews BandJust in case somebody didn't nominate them yet
Ss4552Red Wanting BlueFrom Columbus. Went to OU. Been on David Letterman. They tour nationally. Sell out the HoB when they come to Cleveland. Great Music.
@Myers4523Ohio University Marching BandMarching 110.... They have been picked over Ohio State as the best band in Ohio.
@kelevra80MushroomheadBest metal band ever assembled out of Cleveland. Still going strong after over 20 years with fans all over the world!
@JuanMaggsMichael Stanley Bandduh????
@jrogers149TBDBITL - Ohio St Marching bandTradition, excellence, world famous, makes Ohio proud!
@billmullJames Gang & Joe WalshBetter tha DMB
@kellyampmooreBone Thugs and HarmonyCrossroads! Plus, they are Not a boy band.😜😜
@kittydoll67NINCuz ...Trent Reznor
@winkiebakerNINc'mon. really???
TheerobmacOhio PlayersThe Ohio Players were an American funk and R&B band, most popular in the 1970s. They are best known for their songs "Fire" and "Love Rollercoaster", "Fire", "Funky Worm".
@gtubbySchmidtMushroomHeadBecause CleTwitter LOVES ITS MASKED HEROES! i mean ask any Cle Super fan right? Masks now Masks tomorrow Masks Forever!
@OSUSportsLifeThe James GangThey shouldn't win this tourney, but deserve to be in. Funk #49 is a great jam, and the band featured Joe Walsh, who went on to have a successful solo career, as well as being in the Eagles!
@AaronTomokoChil Rock BandThey are a pretty well thought out Band that they started in High school!
@OSUSportsLifeThe Black KeysAkron's finest. Had a great raw sound in their earlier days, now have transitioned from that sound a little since then, but have had more success nationally!
TheerobmacDazz BandThe Dazz Band is an American funk music band whose popularity exploded in the early 1980s.
From Cleveland!
@winkiebakerJ. Geils BandRock n Roll
@winkiebakerThe Carscouple of big hits. all American rock n roll
@zbelicairlHawthorne heightsWrote the hardcore emo theme song of this generation and haven't even managed to have a member overdose on sadness yet.
@slapnuts26Black KeysNot DMB
@slapnuts26The Ohii State University Marching BandDuh! THE BEST DAMN BAND IN THE LAND!
@Andrew__JordanWild horsesFunky poodle wins any tourney by default. Also I question you having real employment based on the time you devote to internet chaos
Dunny2435The PretendersHave some cool songs, great 80's band, they mention Ohio.....ummm....I don't think anyone's nominated them yet????
BodhiBlack Keys7 Grammys
@tubebustaThe Black KeysRight, let me tell you. I loved the Black keys when dan and Patrick were children, mowing lawns and making fucking amazing music. The first album they recorded in the basement of Pat;s house was fucking awesome, The Big Come Up. Still today in my top 5 albums of all time. Then they got a little more cash and released "ThickFreakness", again an awesome album and man, I thought that heaven had sent down the messiah to the fingers of Dan and Pat. Then "The Rubber Factory" came out and still, amazing music was being produced by the beautiful balanced duo. Sadly it kind of ended there. I saw these two when no one knew them or liked them because it was too Bluesy, small gigs and blindingly humble sets on stage. Sadly they fell in to bad production and label company and became a pop duo BUT, in the old Fat Possum days these two fellas made the best music on the planet - fuck the rest of the music they made after that and the wankers that "discovered them " after Lonely Boy. I was almost invited to Dan's wedding to a girl called Tara before he ditched her shortly before the wedding and he became a pop princess. Pat still seems like a decent guy, at least her did not ignore my daughter when she screamed at both of them before a gig over here in 2014, like Dan. Fame changes greatness but I have to say , their first three albums makes them deserving of this nomination - not the other shit they put out since however, so if I can nominate them on the condition of the first three albums I'm happy happy otherwise fuck 'em, I'll go with DEVO. As ever Reflog18, I am an ever worshipping CLE Fetishist.
RealCarFactsJoe WalshIt's Joe motherfucking Walsh. I guess the James Gang, if it needs to be the Ohio band he was in.
@nhuber4Isley BrothersSHOUT!
@J_VanLingeNine Inch NailsFounded in Cleveland, screwed in @Reflog_18's 90s Band Tourney, vengeance will be Trent Reznor's.
@billmullThe PretendersChrissie Hynde - Akron
_lilbobbytablesOhio playersOhio's in the damn name
@BillmullFoo FightersDave Grohl - Warren Ohio
@Kollarbear58Red Sun RisingOut of Akron, fantastic rock band that has come out on fire with their first album. #1 song on Spotify rock.
@billmullGlass HarpPhil Keaggy guitar genius
_lilbobbytablesThe Sidekicks1 they rock
2 their twitter avatar @sidekicksohio
0h__i0Patrick SweanyI saw this guy out at York, PA last weekend, then found out he started off in Kent. I'd highly recommend catching him. I think he'll be out in Lakewood near the 4th of July weekend.
mgvanwormerStalemateStalemate have been together since 2001 and have evolved from Pop Punk to more of a Foo Fighters sound. Recently added a 4th member to have a 2nd guitar for live shows. They are @stalemateohio and have a great Spotify page as well as Bandcamp.
D_mcc23Machine Gun KellyNot sure if you're doing rap, but he grew up in Shaker Heights and has blown up the past 2 years. Great music
pwnsyouBlack Veil BridesWe need some metalcore in this bracket.
@Niles_WarrenBBNine Inch NailsBecause they're the greatest fucking band ever. Also, they completely brought industrial music into the mainstream. They put on one of the best stage shows you'll ever see. And still continue to show support of tigh knit fans. (i.e. Give away albums for free)
@MarekJimRascal FlatsFour #1 albums!
JonInGriffinThe Bleacher BumsWith their smash hit, "Bernie, Beenie", these guys become a household name. Their path to success laid the groundwork for Indie bands who did all Browns-Themes song in Cleveland thought the 1980's. They also proved that true artists do not need a major record label behind them, but instead, let the music sell itself. "Super Bowl, we gotta go."
ChefsinticJoe walshBecause his Maserati does 185!!
ChefsinticKid Cudi @kidcudiKid cudi reps Cleveland hard, one of my all time fav artist, not just a rapper
steve4522098 DegreesBecause all four are from Ohio and all still have connections and give back to Ohio. Plus, to paraphrase a quote: "And God said, let the good times roll, let there be 98 Degrees, because every generation needs its own Partridge Family"
@getstangry21 pilotsUp and coming with already a few hits on the radio being played right now. Plus they're from Columbus
jimby1227@hotmail.comMarilyn Manson and the Spooky KidsNo better place to start their career than Cleveland Ohio!
@BVielhaberWelshly ArmsGive me hope that some raw, down and dirty actual rock can still come from America. They're Ohio boys?! Bonus
@not2getanywhereMUSHROOMHEADGreatest band in the city.. From Cleveland not Akron
@jack_rwalterHawthorne HeightsThey are an underated punk band. Chant O-H-I-O when in Ohio and have the song Ohio is for lovers
@HitShowJames Gang2 Top 40 singles in the 60's, "Walk Away" & "Funk #49"...plus they had future Eagles & guitar master Joe Walsh in it!...& they were from Cleveland!
@hitshowOhio ExpressNot my favorite Ohio band/act (MSB & NIN), but u have to have the Ohio Express in the mix...old school bubblegum yes, but a top 5 single in "Yummy, Yummy, Yummy", & top 40 hits "Down at Lulu's", "Chewy, Chewy" & "Mercy".
@MarekJimThe Cleveland OrchestraWhy not?
ThomthebatmanOhio PlayersOhio's original funkmeisters
@kellyampmoore98 DegreesHello, Boyband!! Nick Lachey!
RealBMillerThe Black KeysThey fucking rock
@kellyampmooreThe Isley BrothersShout!!
&RealArchStantonDevoThey're from Ohio. BTW the Pretenders are not from Ohio. Just one of the performers from that band is.... Oops. But Devo definitely is from Ohio.
RazorzipsThe PretendersAy, oh, way to go, Ohio
@kellyampmooreFoo FightersDavid Grohl is from Ohio and for the song "My Hero" live version.
@tonsoffun57One Pretty MinuteNow defunct (unsure why), they were a good small time rock band outta Columbus for about 8 years. Check with @IamAndyKuhar for more details.
@yourmomlovesitBone ThugsBecause I be bone thugging your mom.
@_The_Joe_Show_Machine Gun Kelly (MGK)One of the best live performers today and reps Cleveland like no other. I mean listen to his stuff it's rather self explanatory.
@Marty_Urch14Tricky Dick and the Cover UpsBecause there ain't no party like a Tricky Dick party cus a Tricky Dick Party don't stop!
@KP_OTCI'd like to un-nominate Twenty One PilotsThey suck ass.
@RealArchStantonThe PretendersBecause they don't pretend to be from Pittsburgh. Nope they're from Ohio.
StealthNinja1The PretendersChrissy Hynde
StealthNinja1Eric Carmen and the RaspberriesWhy? Because I like em.
StealthNinja1The Black KeysAkron's own!
JSizer3Bone Thugs-N-HarmonyBecause they're the goat. #1 Seed.
StealthNinja1The James GangJoe Freaking Walsh
@RealArchStantonThe Black KeysThey are from Ohio and are PRETTY...PRETTY....pretty good
@De1313ieBlack KeysBluesy rock sound with driving baseline
@clegetbucketsJohn LegendHe has skills on the mic, the piano, and has a fine ass wife. Also looks a lot like Mo Williams.
@mclotz1The godzIf for no other reason, the line in "Gotta keep a runnin'": ".....look at us, we're everything your parents ever warned you about!"
@foosie_The Black KeysGood popular duo from Ohio
@_loganmolnar_Walk the MoonThey have fun, upbeat dance music. Their song, Shut Up and Dance, has played on the radio thousands of times and it never gets old
BobbyWarrenTDRHey MoneaGreat band. Talented. Won a contest to open up at Glastonbury Music Festival a few years ago.
Scottglanz44Michael Stanley BandThey are quintessential Cleveland, Ohio - honest, underrated, real, and not fully appreciated by the rest of the country. Plus - I hear that Anna Horford hates them!
@brownsfanprobsBlack KeysThey make good music and are from Ohio. Lol!!!
@brownsfanprobsBlack KeysThey make good music and are from Ohio. Lol!!!
@brownsfanprobsBlack KeysThey make good music and are from Ohio. Lol!!!
@AdrianDawgPoundTwenty One PilotsOne of the best bands today, seems like they're always on the radio, and they're from Columbus
@nateshreveTwenty one pilotsThey've helped a ton of people through tough times and they're very humble
@shaggysnodOLATHIA (@olathiametal)OLATHIA are demonstrating that Cleveland's hard rock/ heavy metal scene in 2016 is every bit the equal of the scenes of earlier days. Their music stacks up well against any equivalent regional/ national band's, anywhere in the world. Check the vid for "Hellhound" on YouTube, and test for yourself. (I'm not a member of , or employed by the band in any way. Just giving credit where it's due. -shag)
@clevelandthirstAfghan WhigsThey are dark and original and ferocious and amazing.
Brianindian63Michael Stanley BandThey're the band that was Cleveland in the 70s and 80s. Everyone had at least 1 MSB tape in their car back in the day.
BbseimDevoCuz they had mad headwear skills
NoahHaramiaOhio State Marching BandTHE Ohio State Marching Band is from the largest collegiate institution is this illustrious state. Performing for a plethora and magnitude of enamored spectators. They have even gained the nomanclature of "TBDBITL" or as most would say "The Best Damn Band In The Land" Also, I used some big words and had to look some up so that's a lot of effort.
Birdman_of_atlCrazy EddieVeterans of the Bowling Green circuit, Crazy Eddie rocked and fed my drinking problem into a lyrical Frenzy until I moved back the the Atlanta suburbs after graduating from college. Their current incarnation as "The Junk" still retains some of the Crazy Eddie feel, but CE must be acknowledged for their early 2000's contribution to NW Ohio culture.
@fakemrosenbergReflog & the LargosShut up, Karen is my jam!
shlawallaceNine Inch NailsTrent Reznor is a musical genius
tcberg2010Bone Thugs & HarmonyThe epitome of Cleveland and one of the greatest Rap groups of all time.
shlawallaceWild CherryGreat songs from the 70s
@rickmanningsdongBholetonguepunchLots of back door action
DawgnuggetsEcoustic HookahThey are from Ohio and they're pretty good.
shlawallaceRascal FlattsSo many good hits.
@lordofthepunksMushroomheadCuz they are fucking badass... The anti-panzy band, would murder Dave Mathews..
networkned34The Ohio State Marching BandThey're called the best damn band in the land, so they win or something.
@Chalmer73The UnknownsSmall town band with a big time atmosphere. They like to party.
@DDBerry24The Michael Stanley BandTo my dad this was the epitome of Cleveland music in the 70s/80s, and because of him I know pretty much every song by heart.
@eta0033DMBTo troll.
@notjasonkellySeafairChayla's got the chops. They make me feel all of the feels. Seafair deserves so much more attention than what they're receiving right now.
NotlukefickellThe Ohio State University Marching BandBecause they are the best damn band in the land
@kencarmanDave Matthews BandBecause DMB is from everywhere.
@myronfalwell98 DegreesStay out of it, Nick Lachey!" --> http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x99d71_the-soup-one-tree-hill-stay-out-of_fun
@brownsfrownsThe Black KeysB/C they are the black fuckn keys
@thejohnmarxWild CherryBecause they played that Funky Music, white boy
@brownssuck1999BeartoothNot hipster shit like black keys
unbiasedsportsexpertDean MartinBecause hes the GOAT and people forget hes from here

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