Ohio Battle of the Bands Nomination Form

We are looking for the best Ohio band out there. This can be from any era and genre but it has to be an Ohio band.

24 thoughts on “Ohio Battle of the Bands Nomination Form

  1. Have to represent late 70’s Cleveland/Akron. Dead Boys, Devo, Bizarros, Pere Ubu, and Ricket from the Tomb

  2. Not my favorite Ohio band/act (MSB & NIN), but u have to have the Ohio Express in the mix…old school bubblegum yes, but a top 5 single: “Yummy, Ymmy, Yummy” & top 40 hits “Down at Lulu’s”, “Chewy, Chewy”.

  3. I nominate Eric Carmen. With hits like “Hungry Eyes” and “All by Myself”, it’s hard to overlook the man and the beautiful sounds of the band that accompanies his angelic voice.

  4. Black Keys for sure. Classic blues/rock sound. Gold on the Ceiling always gets me pumped and I do the overly Caucasian white girl dancing.

  5. Steel Panther
    The most Twitter appropriate band ever, given our collective senses of humor. Seriously perfect cover/parody band for @reflog18. Bassist Lexxi Foxx is a Maple Hts graduate.

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