#CleUrbanDictionary Submission Form

Since Urban Dictionary never publishes our stuff related to Cleveland and we need a written record to capture our collective sports magic, I give you the Cleveland Sports Urban Dictionary Project.

Credit @BrownsMemes as being the man with this plan.

Submit below and the best one gets a tshirt from our friends at @Archcityapp!!

T-Shirt winner announced Sunday, June 12th.





8 thoughts on “#CleUrbanDictionary Submission Form

  1. I bynered my pop on my pants at the family cookout, so now the family thinks I can’t control my bladder.

  2. The Chamberlain Treatment- when you are attacked by a swarm of insects, especially midges!

    I forgot to put big spray on so I got the Chamberlain Treatment

  3. “Homgrened” – getting screwed out of money and success, like a snake oil salesman.

    “Jose Mesa’d” – getting screwed out of the greatest accomplishment or life’s dream at the last possible second.

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