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@The_Franchise19WinslowTo ride your motorcycle in a moronic way causing you to crash and suffer season ending injuries before the beginning of the season\"I just watched some videos of guys doing wheelies on their bikes on the highway I\'m gonna go try it out\" \"Don\'t Winslow yourself we\'re trying to maybe go 8-8 this season\"
@The_Franchise19MozgovLow budget \"celebrity\" who will do commercials for pretty much anywhere and everywhere, the only drawback being his English skills are subpar at best.We can\'t afford anyone who\'s actually famous, but we can Mozgov it and put a somewhat recognizable face in our ad.
The_Franchise19Tower CityA parking garage that also features walkways to the Jack, Progressive Field, and Quicken Loans Arena; there\'s also some stores in there I guess, but no one has ever went there to shopTower City looks like one of those sketchy abandoned malls where you\'d get stabbed but the cheap parking and indoor walkway to the Q is worth the risk.
The_FranchiseRapidThe diehard fans\' source of transportation; doubles as an elite area for people watchingYou can\'t even put into words what we just witnessed on the rapid on our way to the game.
@The_Franchise19StampSomething that should be turned into a major monument and then dubbed \"art\"Cleveland\'s got a great art scene just check out this huge stamp we\'ve got over here!
@The_Franchise19SwisherVerb. To get overcompensated despite lacking ability and talentHe can\'t even count, but that guy Swisher\'d himself a nice contract as a math teacher at the local high school.
@b_roche_Gomes/UribeA hit in the groin/ a vasectomyMy farther just got a Uribe
@ImBadLuckBryanDraymond Green\'sGetting hit below the beltI was playing third base and I got Draymond Green\'d
@daveygobucks\"Midges on Carmona\" (alt usage \"Midges on Joba\")The process of clinging or gravitating to something in a highly intense manner, usually as part of a group\"As soon as we entered the club, girls were all over him like midges on Carmona\"
@dano_40BrowningQuiting something you are good at only to start doing something you are not good atJim was browning when he decided to retire and start his mediocre acting career.
@BrownsFanProbsDavone Bessv. - Failure to complete a very simple task, such as catching a football.I was down the stairs when I Davone Bess\'d and I slid the rest of the way.
@i_dont_care_broThe Hoyer EffectTo give hope to a group of desperate fans only to let them down entirelyI thought the Browns could make it to the playoffs in 2014 but in November I realized it was just the Hoyer Effect.
@ryaninnilesHarperedWhen your partner trades you in for an obviously inferior, poorly matched mateThey were such a perfect pair, then she harpered him for that douchebag.
@JayScot61742344BlattThe sound made when a coach is canned during a season.The owner fired the coach, and the \"Blatt\" could be heard throughout the front office.
@cj3brownsTevvyeda meme stolen from one party and the credit is taken by another partyThis little punk tevvyed me and is now trending on Twitter.
@SteveUrchekLessonA CLE sports fan that is dumber then a moronAll of the Lessons in CLE think Mosgov will help the @CAVS win an @NBA title
@KildawgDanny Greenesomeone or something that brings about a beginning to an endGame 5 of the 2007 ALCS was a Danny Greene for the Indians to win it all that year.
@cracksbacksMontagingWhen a sports network plays an ever increasingly longer video summing up every Cleveland sports disaster just to rub salt in the wound. Next season they will just play Believeland.Fuck...the Cavs are losing in the Finals and of course they go montaging every Cleveland moment.
@ryaninnilesDraymondedThat kick-to-the-nuts feeling Cleveland sports teams give their fansAt what point will our teams stop draymonded us?
@ColeLopez77StaywokeStaywoke (verb): the act of staying aware of all Cleveland conspiracies, being ready for anything thrown our way,Kevin Durant is a free agent, we must staywoke.
@thejeffschwartzKlaymeisterA front runners nickname for Klay Thompson, invented during game 3 by a 17 year old \"Warriors Fan\"Man, the Cavs have kept the Klaymeister below his scoring average.
@omgitsaidankThe DriveJohn Elway leads the Broncos to a 99 yard drive against the Browns in the 1987 AFC Championship game.The Drive gave Clevelanders a strong hatred for the Broncos.
@larrytav6ShurmurismA person(s) who say or do something completely idiotic.Wow, I can\'t believe how dumb some people are, Shurmurism is taking over.
@LAndyman_Air RaidA short lived nickname for Americas favorite side-arm throwing QB, #19 Bernie KosarI found that Air Raid poster of Bernie Kosar on eBay for $6.00.
@LAndyman_Sustained successA phrase used at the 1st press conference of a new Browns regime.We\'re going to draft well, it\'s a process & the ultimate goal is sustained success.
@LAndyman_Shurmur\'dTo lose a game but battledThe Browns were shurmur\'d up their ass today.
@StealthNinja1Wham With The Right Hand!To perform well, a slam dunk, to finish strong.How did I do at my job interview? Wham With The Right Hand!
@StealthNinja1Andre RisonOverpriced, not worth the money.I asked the waitress for the best steak the restaurant had, but it turned out to be Andre Rison.
@rufusjack09Ricky-DavisTo act in vain wasting your time and effort, since the outcome of your actions will not be what you want or desire, and will actually lead to backlash.Billy went all out on that volleyball spike, even though his team is up 10-0, and he nailed his 5-year old nephew right in the face. What a Ricky-Davis move of Billy.
@allsportsland22nd PickWhere NOT to draft a quarterback backWith the 22nd pick in the NFL Draft the Cleveland Browns select quarterback Johnny Manziel from Texas A&M.
@JeffKniDwayne RuddingCelebrating a little too early which causes your friends and teammates to lose in the end.The boss was going to let us leave early until Tim in Marketing started Dwayne Rudding around the office. Now we have to stay until 5:00.
@alexgeldartA Brown\'s Super BowlAnything that you wish to do or attain and cannot because you suckI\'d like an A on my history exam but it\'s a Brown\'s Super Bowl
@vinnyoppedisanoCoon\'dTo be blockedI was Coon\'d by warriors fans on Twitter
@ryaninnilesHaaskivingTerm used to describe a male\'s shorts or jeans riding up a bit too highGood grief are these pants haaskiving my boys tonight
@APF429Anthony BennettingWhen you really really really mess something up but it all works out okay in the end.\"Oh man, I really Anthony Bennetted that test. I got an F but the teacher figured there must have been a mistake so she let me retake it with the smartest kid in class and I ended up getting an A!\'
@ryaninnilesCandiottiedTo go knuckles-deepMan, can you believe how she was Candiottied by that guy?
@davidkerkaDerek AndersonBeing incredible at something for a very short period of time, and never reaching the levels of your peak ever again.Remember when Joe won $500 in that pool tournament? He hasn\'t won a game since, he\'s a regular Derek Anderson.
@PeteDittoeSwisherBeing incredibly over-enthusiastic to the point where it\'s an annoyanceTom is such a swisher. No one likes to work that much
@pwmiller54Couch\'dto be ruined by your employerIts probably better we didn\'t get Goff. We would\'ve Couch\'d him anyway.
@raul956McNeilingWhen your very existence annoys others, even though you are not doing anything.\"I never liked that guy; can\'t think of a reason, but he just sits there, McNeiling all day.
@J_VanLingeBraylon EdwardsA person who can have lots of balls hit them, but never catch a thing.The bar skank I picked up last night was a real Braylon Edwards, I didn\'t even wear a rubber.
@CaseyBerginWeedenA very bad throwI haven\'t cried this hard since that Weeden.
@danielsantos805DipDonnie in Painesville, a man with no shame in his game.\"I was shocked yest terday when dip wrote that he got a NJ from a girl in a uber.\"
@dunny2435Bieber\'d1) To pick a fight with a larger dude and get your a$$ whooped. 2) To turn into a douche; and/or exhibiting any and all forms of douchery.1) Man I hate Brian, but I don\'t want to get Bieber\'d. 2) I used to like Carl, but after college he totally Bieber\'d.
@BarryO004ImPettinedTo be undermined by a sweaty incompetent manager and a drunken Texas douchebag.My project got imPettined before I could finish it.
@ConnorP_3Joe ThomasBeing the only positive in a group of negatives.\"absolutely no talent in the bar tonight.\" \"Except for the Joe Thomas over there, damn.\"
@jared_kenney11WaitersThinking you\'re good at something when your really notHe\'s all Waiters when he plays golf. He has a Waiters mentality.
@jaredWaitersThinking you\'re good at something when your really notHe\'s all Waiters when he plays golf.
@myronfalwellEight-and-eightA continual and unrealistic desire for mediocrity in response to a dismal and bleak reality. Can also be stylized as \"8-8.\"\"I feel great! Today is shaping up to be an eight-and-eight day!\"
@ohiomarkashdownK1osaredGiving to your football club and being told you have \"diminished skills\" and then being let go, only to go to another team and get a super bowl ring.Bernie was Kosared and the fans went nuts!
@allsportsland(Pull a) Ray FarmerTo pick the worst possible option even thought there were better options.Did you see that shirt he is wearing? Looks like he pulled a Ray Farmer
@allsportslandBryan ShawTo let the other team tie the game after being up 5 or more runs\"Weren\'t the Indians just up 7 to 2?\" \"Yeah, but Bryan Shaw came in to pitch.\"
@AshlwyDevin7Major LeagueSoft core porn for battered Cleveland fans.\"Well, the Tribe is down by 6. Screw it, I\'m just gonna watch Major League.\"
@krebsbrianNephewtismTo hire your nephew to a high position which he is unqualified and unprepared to have. Also see: Pat Shurmer or pulling a Holmgreni was the most qualified head coaching candidate, I even took the team that hired me to the super bowl, but the president of the Browns practiced Nephewtism.
@krebsbrianHolmgrenTo take the laziest most selfish route.I was hoping the new guy would be a good worker but he pulled a Holmgren.
@B_Roche_Taking the Browns to the Super BowlTaking a huge shit/clogging the toiletHoney please call a plumber I just took the Browns to the Super Bowl
@jcal1977ModelledWhen a dirtbag fleeces everyone, burns every existing bridge home, then is exiled to a crappy city in MarylandThat old fart stole my fun- consider him Modelled.
@jcal1977ProcessA word used by an unqualified coach to describe lack of a game plan and or handeling of an NFL team.Today we may have had -7 yards rushing and 83 yards passing, 3 int, 0 TD\'s- but only 12 penalties; it\'s a process.
@ToolboxTJModelledTo sneak out in the middle of nightI Modelled out of the house to go bang the neighbor lady.
@ShreveLegalTeam#DiMora\'dTo Make Lots of $$ in a Morally Questionable WayWe really DiMora\'d those chumps with this investment scheme
@bheimy63@gmail.comYanedTo get racked in the nuts so hard you have to miss events and or workYesterday a played a pick up game with Draymond Greene and he Yaned me so hard I won\'t be able to work for a week
@radumPerezingTo order weed and have it mailed it in a pet\'s name. Normally dog and cat\'s names work.I received package today by Perezing from my dealer using Fido Perez as the name.
@thecolumbokidRick Manning ItTo drunkenly bang a middle aged woman. Preferably a Stewardess or Ramada Front Desk ClerkMan... I Rick Manning IT with the Check In girl... I need you to check out for us.
@jamesptakWeeden FlipTo try to prevent the situation from getting any worse, only to screw it up moreTrying to escape the pocket and not get sacked, the nameless Browns QB pulls a Weeden Flip and gives up a Pick 6
@pappi4000AntoinettitusProfound allergic reaction to signing a right handed power hitter.Joey Batista might be available at the trade deadline but the Indians front office has a severe case of Antoinettitus.
@StealthNinja1Michael Jordan\'dTo lose something at the last second.I had my eye on the last doughnut but my brother Michael Jordan\'d me and I didn\'t get it.
@dano_40Redright88edWhen you could complete a task easily one way, but decide to make it a challenge and fuck everything up.Jimmy Haslam redright88ed the 2014 draft by taking advice from a homeless man and selecting Johnny Manziel instead of Derek Carr
@The_Brown_LogJersey burningJersey burning: ceremony for any Cleveland community member who finds gainful employment outside the areaMy friends had a jersey burning when I accepted this new job in Poughkeepsie
@GregPaonessa1ClevelandedStranded / left inches from getting thereHis fiancée Clevelanded him at the altar
@nothammernation19Ray FosseTo play extra hard in meaningless games.At my company softball game I Ray Fosse\'d my manager scoring from third on a fly ball.
@scot_kellerRaging Dumpster FireA metaphor describing the performance of the Cleveland Brows as an organization.Surprise, surprise: the Browns are a raging dumpster fire, yet again, this year.
@andrewlukichLebroomarangImmense depression when someone you love leaves followed by elation when he/she returns. Or the other way, too.He felt totally lebroomaranged when his fiancé decided that meathead from Miami she ran off with was not the guy for her.
@Dunns29WeedenophobiaAn extreme fear of American flagsI wanted to go out for July 4th, but my Weedenophobia kicked in.
@chriscalo1Shurmur\'dTo mismanage time; react slowlyJohn was supposed to make a dinner reservation for 6pm, but Shurmur\'d it and we got an 10:30pm reservation.
@chaboy_lennyBro-hioA gathering of Douchebags\"I hope everyone in Bro-hio dies a horrible death, including swisher\"
@cbrownie_45Brett MyersSomething annoying that you aren\'t really sure how or when it came relevant to you but you want it gone immediatelyI just woke up and these herpes pulled a Brett Myers on me.
@chaboy_lennyMuni LotA realm of booze where when one enters they may not leaveSunday. Muni Lot. Be There
@papachango1ModellTo fail historically as a businessman and take no blame.\"Get me Andre Rison on the phone, I don\'t want to Modell this!\"
@papchango1GroverWhen your belly grows over your uniform pants.He grovered his uniform pants from 1995.
@papachango1MuniLotTo gather thousands of drunken die hards in one place.\"How many idiots paid $25 to park there?\" \" A MuniLot.\"
@vargod32Phil DawsonTo get your ass kicked at something.Tessa just Phil Dawsoned me at tennis.
@CleSportsHubMatt MarronedTo curse at & or repeatedly harass a fan of the competition (also likely to put it on snapchat)Bro I just Matt Marroned that golden state fan so bad! That\'s going on my story!
@StealthNija1Cory Snyder\'dTo swing and miss, to strike out a lot.I Cory Snyder\'d with every girl I met at the singles bar.
@BDLinCLEJoeyBelledTo be impaled by a baseball after inviting an alcoholic to a keg party.I asked if he wanted to come to a kegger, but he went insane and JoeyBelled me.
@GSFanBandwagonOne who only follows a team when they are almost assured of championships.All Warriors fans are bandwagon fans that no one likes.
@IngloriusBrdfrdBraylonto drop something thrown to you with little to no resistance around youGuy tossed me a beer, and I totally Brayloned it.
@IngloriusBrdfrdBlatt1. to be removed from power in times of success due to personality conflictCrazy, he was #1 in sales but they didn\'t like him so he got Blatted
@spencer212Ray-Farmerto Sweat Profusely\"It\'s so hot and humid today I\'m Ray-Farmering like a pig.\"
@spencer212Byner, Bynered, or Byneringto Fumble\"Quit Bynering for your keys!\" or \"He Bynered for words.\"
@spencer212Elwayto Drive (often fast and over a great distance)\"You look tired, let me Elway,\" or \"I was going to take public transportation but I think I\'ll Elway to work.\"
@EterLake70The DraftWhat every fan talks about when all hope is lost of a good season, usually starting in SeptemberWell we lost but just wait until the Draft.
@vargod32Ray FarmerTo fail or bomb a test or task.Forgot to study last night and totally ray farmered my exam.
@vargod32Phil DawsonTo get your ass kicked at something.Tessa just Phil Dawsoned me at tennis.
@jack_milkieComic SansDoing something you\'ll regret in the morning, sometimes in a weird fontJohnny really comic sansed last night when encountering a \"concussion\"
@barryO004Goldhammer1.To expound about something you know nothing about. 2. A clueless radio hack.He said he was a can\'t miss QB but he\'s a Goldhammer.
@barryO004CansecoedTo get clocked in the head.I pulled something off the top shelf and got Cansecoed.
@Winkiebakerbeeramidstructure bored Indian fans build.SI correctly credited the photo source of the beeramid
@MayorMcDiFBellev. To knock the living crap out of something in your way.One guy standing between me and that last donut--so I Belled him over.
@question10BelievelandA magical place where you blindly believe that miracles happen, but instead you get kicked in the face repeatedly.I went to Believeland and had a great time until someone stole my car and I broke my foot chasing them.
@joethehookerBoweSomeone that makes exciting plans with you but does not follow throughI was supposed to meet John at the bar last night for the game but he never showed up. What a Bowe!
@dMoss24GrossiN: A person who is constantly depressed.\'Hey, did you hear LeBron is coming back to Cleveland!?\'... -\'Yea, so did the Browns, how has that worked out?\'- \'Gee, who brought the Grossi to the party.\'
@cdurm295BoozeredTo break someone\'s trust or stab in the backJosh Gordon boozered the Browns when he said he would stay clean during his suspension
@KildawgBeeramidstructure of significant importanceThe Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a true Beeramid.
@drconohiouMary Kay\'dTo retweet or confirm a breaking news story broken by someone else on a reporter\'s beatBill Livingston Mary Kay\'d the story by Perer Gammons about the Indians\' big trade.
@reallordhelmetPittsburghA shit or crapSorry but I just clogged your toilet with that last Pittsburgh
@drconohiouMustardA brownish-gray condiment used on hot dogs or pretzels; frequently found at sporting complexes or Marc\'sPlease pass the mustard...what\'s that yellow stuff? I wanted mustard.
@drconohiouBOOZEREDTo severely and unethically swindle someone with a physical handicapI Boozered that blind guy out of $15.
@Just1BrownsSBBelled or \"Joey Belled\"One who plays 2nd base & gets truck-sticked by a base runner much larger than one\'s self.Fernando Vina was once \"Belled\" so hard he never again tried to tag a base runner.
@cwickmoeNBA FinalsA real let downDid you see the end of Mars Attacks? I was a real NBA Finals.
@tebel_ShurmeredTo think you\'re going to win but there\'s something/someone that ruins it for you.I was about to get it in with this girl I met at the bar but this dude Shurmered me and it was a total disappointment.
@TspencanitySlaughteredNot doing your job resulting in catastrophic results.Joe just slaughtered this party by forgetting to buy the booze.
@HitShowKer-PlunkWhat Tribe fans said EVERYTIME Eric Plunk gave up a bomb.OH NO! Ker-Plunked!
@216optimistFranconaTo chew bubble gum in mass quantities.Can\'t wait to get home and Francona this gallon of Dubble Bubble.
@Redov124Misery MontageN. (MIZ-er-ee MON-tahg) A collection of the worst moments of a personal or civic history, shown frequently to illustrate their futilityKelly\'s boss put together a misery montage to explain exactly why she was getting fired. I hear it lasted 45 minutes.
@Redov124DecisionV. (dee-SIZH-on) To stab someone or a large group of people (such as a fan base) in the back in a very public, humiliating way.Jeff\'s fiancée totally decisioned him, so the wedding\'s off and he might get deported.
@FrshPrnceBENAIRAndrew BynumTo hurt oneself, specifically in the kneeI was playing basketball and I bynumed my knee pretty badly, I\'m getting surgery soon
@nhuber4MuniniteThose who congregate at the municipal parking lot tp pay homage to the @brownsIt\'s 9:30 PM and the Muninites are still gathered around discussing that botched ending.
@baustinb\"I\'m takin\' my talents...\"Good-bye ClevelandI\'m takin my talents to South Beach
@tubebustaChristmas AleSomething great, fantastic, appreciated, on the moneyThat catch was pure Christmas Ale
@Bluedog93BridgewaterTo pass over a clearly superior choice in order to pick an obviously more disastrous option.Yeah, I was offered a full scholarship to Harvard, but I bridgewatered it to pursue a career in granny porn.
@tubebustaMuniPotA suspicious cigarette offered to you at a tailgate partyI was fine until the MuniPot came out
@martinmcsportsJose Mesa\'dBeing on the verge of accomplishing the biggest dream and accomplishment in your life, only to have it fall apart at the very last possible second leaving you in an even worse, deep dark depression that has lasting effects on an entire city for 20 plus years.The Browns always seem to find a way to get Jose Mesa\'d, no matter what they do.
@BobbyNachosModell (or Modelled)To rip the heart out of someoneKano\'s finishing move is great in Mortal Kombat. He totally Modelled Scorpion
@BobbyNachosCourtney BrownA Quiet Storm\"While we had severe storms yesterday, we don\'t expect the storms to be severe today. Expect a nice summer Courtney Brown\"
@FuckSCClevelandMarronTo be a douche to a person but try to justify it because you\'re \"Doing it for Cleveland\"The Browns fans Marroned the mentally handicapped Steelers fan in the Dawg Pound.
@martinmcsportsHomgrenedScrewed out of money, services, and success...kind of like a snake oil salesman.The Browns were Homegrened again when they drafted Johnny Manziel.
@BobbyNachosWilliam GreenFall down the stairs on a sharp object\"If you keep a sword at the bottom of the steps, don\'t be suprised if someone William Greens and you have to go to the hospital\"
@michael_enioSkinner\'dWhen you just want to go home but forces beyond your control make you stay.I wanted to leave the family party but I got Skinner\'d into staying put.
@buckeyesalesKluberedwhen you do something well but get no support from ypur teamYOU JUST GOT KLUBERED!!! (Tito talking to Carassco in Seattle when he gets no runs). I took care of the kids but my husband Klubered me and now the kids hate me.
@cj3brownsMunicipal \"Muni\" LotA paved parking area where mass amounts of alcohol are consumed very early in the morning during Browns home gamesI\'ll meet you in The Muni Lot at 5am.
@BrownsMemesBernie Babyn. Cleveland sports fan born in the mid to late 70\'s who first remember Bernie Kosar as the biggest star in sports history.He\'s was too much of a Bernie Baby to ever think Johnny Manziel would work here.
@historyboyleGrimsleyedVerb: To stealthily abscond with something of dubious value\"Bro, I Grimsleyed the answer key to the test. We\'re gold.\"
@JayScot61742344TwitterpatterThe sound of at Tweet being typed into a computer or hand-held device>As the Cavs game wore on, the amount of Twitterpatter decreased.
@asuchan24HadeningBeing in the concussion protocol for monthsAfter tonight\'s game thus far, I\'m glad Kevin Love is Hadening.
@myronfalwellPerkTo take a simple, mundane task into a catastrophy. Named for former Cleveland mayor and walking PR disaster Frank Perk.Did you see the mayor\'s hair Perk as he held that welder\'s torch?
@davy_dModelledWhen your partner packs up and leaves the house.My girl up and modelled in the middle of the night.
@AlanLEmeryBelleHitting a child with your car when they trick or treat at your houseYou want a candy bar? Chewbacca, don\'t make me go Belle on you!
@rorimotoAlbert BellVerb: to Albert Bell, to powerfully plow someone that is in your way over with your forearm, alt def: to chase kids with a batIf dude dosen\'t stop blocking the TV I will Albert Bell him out of the way
@mckenzyconnellyDelladefloaterWhen Matthew Dellavedova hits a floater/jump shotDid you see that delladefloater he hit last quarter?
@pappi4000DanGilbertedTo send an angry letter in Comic sansI was so angry I DanGilberted my city council.
@Bill_Dicks_JrOICThe feeling Cleveland sports fans get watching their teams play. \"Only In Cleveland\" does watching sports feel like \"Opiod Induced Constipation\".Waiting for a championship in Cleveland creates OIC syndrome.
@kevinjrasnickModelledFucked in the assThe refs have Modelled the Cavs in the 2016 NBA finals
@steve_stengerDellavedefenseSprinting backwards with your arms raisedThey couldn\'t score against the tight dellavedefense.
@brosefstewPhewWhen something \"Cleveland\" almost happens but the city is instead sparedPhew! LeBron doesn\'t want to go back to Miami
@stuhly92Brody PerezYour local weed dealerI just picked up some good stuff from Brody Perez.
@MarekJimWitheredTo be left out of somethingTom Withers was upset that he was withered from the #CleMediaTourney.
@JeffFromOhioTim Couch(v) TIM Couch - A good person that was mistreated, and you later realize that their friends were not good enough for themMy ex-girlfriend was so amazing, and my friends convinced me to dump her. I feel like such a Tim Couch
@PatinShakerCongratA word made famous by Zac Jackson and Andre Knott; if you need to ask what it means, you have no business using the wordYou got fired on your day off, Congrat David Blatt.
@im_ricky_99TheQArena where concerts, Cavs, Monsters, and Gladiators play.As the Cavs won the game the Q was rocking!
@stapleremoverTrent RichardsonA person who appeared attractive at first but turned out to be a disappointment.\"What happened to Emily?\" \"She ended up being a total Trent Richardson\"
@DallasInCleMcCoy\'dGetting hit ridiculously hard.Damn nigga, did you see Tyrone get straight McCoy\'d?
@mattymcbucketsLeBronThe most amazing.... The worst traitor.... Best player everLeBron was great when he first entered the league, then he was terrible for 4 years., Then he was great again
@JeffFromOhioBoozer(v) BOO-zer. The act of reneging on a promiseShe said we were going out Saturday night, but five minutes before the date, she totally Boozered.
@BrownsMemesWeedenn. Something you don\'t want; v. Throwing errantly; getting lost under a large object; adj. Being a doofusWeeden was being such a Weeden when he Weedend himself under his bed.
@JayScot61742344StardumbA condition brought on by being knocked down by American flag.Brandon Weeden became \"stardumb\" during the pre-game ceremony.
@LordOf216ShittsburghLocated in Pennslyvania, this city is filled with despair, the homeless, and Steeler fans.When the asshole frat bro said he was from Shittsburgh, I kicked his ass and threw him into the lake.
@JayScot61742344JohnnymentumThe momentum involved in the blowing of one\'s professional football career - a high-speed action.The quarterback partied his way out of the NFL with great \"johnnymentum.\"
@BrownsMemesKellen Winslown. A poor and/or reckless motorcycle maneuverAfter his Kellen Winslow we had to pull Joe from the bushes.
@kellkill1ThomeThome: v. ErectionAfter my 2,548 strikeouts that rank 2. nd in MLB history, the Indians decide to erect a statue \"Thome\"
@jakesalsberry17RichardsoningMissing a opportunity (i.e. A massive hole)I richardsoned my job interview today by showing up drunk.
@BrownsMemesPulling a Brownsv. Failing in the worst ways possibleMy uncle pulled a Browns while parking, and destroyed my mailbox.
@rglay1122CharboneaudTo come out strong, then fall flat.I really Charboneaud that test/report/speech /relationship. Or... Golden State really Charboneaud that series as the Cavs win 6!
@mattbooher1311-5 Starts TodayBattle cry of Cleveland fans when Browns are 0-5. Finding hope in a Cleveland team where none can be found.Cavs might be down 2-0 but 11-5 starts today.
@seadonkeyschtonktrentrichardsonedTo pick the wrong holeI trentrichardsoned my wife last night and she is not happy with me.
@rg1122CharboneaudTo come out strong, then fall flat.I really Charboneaud that test/report/speech /relationship. Or... Golden State really Charboneaud that series as the Cavs win 6!
@Aaron.TomokoAnna Horforddumb as fuckI got drunk the night before my job interview, I sounded Anna Horford for it.
@levelandrownsDelonte (pronounced dee-LON-tay)V. To sleep with an older woman, especially your friend\'s motherMy roommate\'s mother came by when he wasn\'t home and I Delonted her.
@gardnertrevor12BrowningMissing the playoffs and expecting the same for years to comeWow the 76ers are really browning right now
@JayScot61742344SelectophobiaFear of drafting quarterbacks.I suffered a severe case of Selectophobia during the NFL Draft.
@jackmoonercleMichaelstanleyedThe feeling of optimism that comes with every Browns training camp and you can\'t get \"here we go again \" out of your headEvery August I feel Michaelstanleyed. By October, here we go again becomes the mantra of another lost Browns season
@zachlehnerdudeJosé Mesa\'dTo blow somethingJosé Mesa José Mesa\'d and blew the World Series.
@thejohnmarxJoel SkinneredStopping too soon.I wish I would have Joel Skinnered before I Dwayne Rudded.
@HitShowUnfuckingbelieveableYou gotta be shitting me!...R rated versionUnfuckingbelieveable!! (Best used as a stand alone sentence when a 216 team fucks up)
@gel_736Next-YearPhrase to devalue importance of winning this yearThere is always next -year .
@917krunnerPat Corrales\'dAss kicked by a large black manBrody was talkin shit outside of Hot Sauce Williams and got Pat Corrales\'d by some Debo lookin brother.
@BrownsMemesColt McCoy\'s dadn. An overbearing sports parent; parent who unofficially acts as team coach and/or physician.The game was going great, until we realized Tommy has Colt McCoy\'s dad.
@lordofthepunksNorthcuttedTo drop, drop the ball, fail to receive...I totally Northcutted the chance to bang that chick from the bar last night...
@SteveRand616Ray ChapmanA fatal blow to the head.A Ray Chapman is the only way to kill zombies.
@ryan_manimalWest\'dTo go on a soliciting binge.After a recent divorce, John got West\'d on tinder
@mag manManziel\'dDrunkMan, I got so Manziel\'d last night, I woke up feeling like crap
@ryan_manimalBelle\'dTo get aggressive for no reason.Guy at the hotel held the door for me so I Belle\'d him threw the valet stand.
@Steve_R_WalkerLen Barker-ishWhen someone thinks they\'re perfect.Don\'t act all Len Barker-ish. It\'s not May 15, 1981.
@mikeoneill73PettinedTo be the last one picked after all the good ones are goneDad I got Pettined today in gym class when we picked teams for kickball.
@pspettelWhyThe definitive, central question we as Cleveland fans ask every Sunday in the fall, playoff series (cavs and Indians only), and every time ESPN comes up with a new \"the ______\"\"Why would we run it here?\" \"Why would you make that pass?!\" \"Why God... Why\"
@whiteyatcLindoredWhen a base hit is erased by a spectacular play from Franciso Lindor.That dude just got Lindored!
@BrownsMemesBraylonv. The act of dropping or losing the handle of an object while jumping; see \"Greg Little\" when stationaryHe Brayloned his briefcase when dodging that car.
@calvingeo5Titoingto Tito; to ride around on a mopedI was Titoing around town yesterday on my Vespa
@80_RocketStepienStepien. Thinking you are doing the right thing but it is so wrong.That Taco Bell after closing the bar was a real Stepien.
@BrownsMemesGreg Littlev. The act of dropping or losing the handle of an object; see \"Brayloning\" when accompanied with a jumping action.I was so humiliated when I Greg Littled those eggs at the store.
@maxwell_a_zDellavedova\'dPut all you had into something;gave much effortI full on Dellavedova\'d that paper and I still got an F.
@larrywcartierWreck this leagueFlame out worse than Ryan LeafDraft me now. I\'m single handedly gonna wreck this league.
@StealthNija1Fausto CarmonaTo lie about your name and age.The form asked for a name and age, I gave them a Fausto Carmona.
@chesneckbeardJosh McCowna real mensch, stand up dude, guy that always does the right thing and doesn\'t make a fuss, under appreciated friendI never knew Dave spent his weekends working with handicapped kids. Damn and I made fun of him for always being busy when he couldn\'t buy drinks on the weekend.
@mereschuetteMatt UnderwoodTo overestimate the distance an object is traveling by a considerable marginI totally Matt Underwood\'d that ball, I thought it was a goner and Kipnis caught it on the infield
@shlawallaceShurmeredTo make progress instead of completing a task.Today at work, I shurmered through the day.
@contraryguyChudThat duct tape you put on your beater\'s tailpipe to keep the muffler on, but it only lasts a year.\"Beer fridge lost its seal.\" \"Dude, put some chud on that.\"
@StealthNija1Keith Hernandez\'dTo get injured in your 1st week at work.I got Keith Hernandez\'d my 1st week and never went back to that job.
@BenRadeffIra NewbleTo consistently be the ugliest and worst player on a teamI love my child, but he Ira Newbles every tee-ball game
@shellbelle_33Manzielingcalling a hangover a \"concussion\"He was busted Manzieling at work after his bachelor party.
@Mr_MeeetchThe Chamberlain TreatmentWhen you are attacked by a group of insects, especially midgesI forgot to put on bug spray, so I got the chamberlain treatment.
@nick_dif9 and 7Delusional Browns fans predictions for the teams\' record in the upcoming yearI\'m telling you guys, the Browns are going to surprise people this year. RGIII is getting us to 9 and 7
@BSportutZ11KosarTo confuse your audience with unintelligible phrasingI totally Kosar\'d that presentation this morning.
@joeypxcFausto-ing, Fausto-edGiving someone a fake name and saying you\'re younger than you really areI wasn\'t sure how it\'d turn out so I Fausto-ed this college aged looking girl at the club
@NonnaSJFKlubered, Klubers, KluberingLack of facial expression, resting bitch faceMy neighbor was acting like a fool, so I Klubered him till he stopped.
@sammonseanBelleviñaWhen you don\'t give a fuck & you mess up some lil shithead that deserves itThis Napolean-sized kid stepped on my foot & smudged my Pumas so I decided to Belleviña him!
@ejeffreys99Dick GoddardReally old human beingYeah he\'s a real Dick Goddard, over 100 years old!
@StealthNija1Albert Bell\'edTo run over something in your SUV intentionally.I Albert Bell\'ed a squirrel on my way home from work.
@shlawallaceUnderwoodSo sure and so excited that the ball is going way way way... right into the mitt of the center fielderI thought for sure I\'d get that big raise today, but alas, I was Underwooded again.
@bobbynachosFaustoPseudonymHe wrote many novels as Mark Twain, but that was just a Fausto.
@contraryguyriverslapAction taken by a Clevelander when an out-of-stater makes a \'burning river\' joke.Ray Rice done riverslapped her.
@kerv1198MonstersA hockey team in Cleveland that is really good but completely irrelevant while the Cavs are in the finalsHoly shit, the Monsters are one win away from the Calder Cup Championship!
@chesneckbeardKosarAging really really badly after showing great promise.Pam Anderson has really Kosar\'d.
@bfnmac17Ricky DavisTo pad ones stats or numbersIn order to hit my quota, I had to Ricky Davis a few things
@IshkabibbleDudeReflog_18Pain in the ass.I hope this Preperation H soothes my Reflog_18\'s.
@bfnmac17Ricky DavisTo pad ones stats or numbersIn order to hit my quota, I had to Ricky Davis a few ite
@J_VanLinge(Delonte) Westing1) Hooking up with a friend, coworker, or teammates mother; 2) being a motherfuckerBecause of his reputation of Westing, I didn\'t invite Phil to my wedding.
@chesneckbeardMitchell SchwartzWhen that ex that was to good for you wants to stay but you tell them to fuck off anyway.Remember my ex Lisa? Yeah she\'s that rich model. I Mitchell Schwartz\'d that chick!......what have I done?
@indianfan63ReflogTo play off an interested girl in favor of online polls and Twitter battles.Man, dude\'s been reflogging the heck out of Amber these last few days!!
@JonInGriffinKokinisAn unsolvable mysteryMan 1: Who do you think shot JFK?
@watertrashguySavagedScold through email.I was savaged by my boss because I said he sucked at his job.
@19_StewyWinningSomething only the recent cavs and Indians have done for usWinning would be nice 🙂
@Winkiebakernosebleedhave sexYo Anna, ya wanna nosebleed
@kerv1198Top deckTo have sex in the completely empty seats of the upper level at an Indians gameJordan and I had some top deck last night.
@OHWildBillLeBronLike Aloha, it can refer to coming or going depending on the context.Dude, that date was so bad I straight LeBronned right in the middle of it. So I tried to LeBron at my ex\'s at 1am.
@19_StewyLaying the pipeWhen JR Smith is drunk off the heeney from taking shots at halftime and decides to rain 3\'s on the hoes in the QDid you see JR last night laying the pipe against the pistons?
@raul956Josh GordonedTo test positive for banned substancesDid you get that sweet new job? \"Nah, I Josh Gordoned the pre-employment drug test.\"
@mikeoneill73Boozer\'dTo shake hands on a deal and then get screwed overYou can\'t do that, we Boozer\'d on it!
@WinkiebakerGreento kickI\'d like to Green the whole GS roster in the face
@timdmseyFosse\'dTo get \"run over\"I played against Jim Brown in my youth. He \"fosse\'d\" me in college.
@chesneckbeardLebronWhen your significant other cheats on you with a person of latin decent that is nicer, more attractive and a better cook than you.That little dicked motherfucker Lebron\'d me! Did you see that bitch cooking for him like he\'s to good for spaghetti-o\'s?
@asuchan24Delonte\'dHaving relations with a friend\'s momI Delonte\'d my friend\'s mom. We\'re not friends anymore.
@shawnhemenwayJoe ThomasTo be married to someone for many years that has never been good enough for youMy wife is such a bitch but I can\'t leave, I am the Joe Thomas of married men.
@birdman_of_atlCharboneauedTo quicky disappoint after setting high expectations.I Charboneaued my parents my living in their basement after college.
@WinkiebakerJeffersonTo get replaced by Richard JeffersonKLove got Jeffersoned in game 3
@ejeffreys99RosenhausTechnique for putting someone to sleepThe kids WERNT settling down so I turned on Rosenhaus
@Bucknut030\"Uncle Charlied\"Drinking Seagrams V O until I slur words with a West Virginia accentTough day at work, so I\'m going to the beer joint and getting\"Uncle Charlied\"
@tarbucksteveBynaredTo dropI was going to eat that hot dog, but i bynared it on the ground
@Bucknut030Turkey-JoedBelly to Back SuplexHe pissed me off so I \"Turkey-Joed\" him on his head.
@mikeoneill73HolmgreningTo lay around and do nothing, usually involving an umbrella drink and loud shirtI just got back from Holmgrening in the Bahamas
@spooky_szpak12Dwayne Bowe\'ingDoing absolutely nothing while being compensated for it.@Reflog_18 today I went to work, did nothing, and still got paid. I Dwayne Bowe\'d my place of employment
@chesneckbeardAkronartisanal sadnessThere\'s enough Cleveland out there man you have to try some Akron. They made Lebron after all.
@nick_skolmutchBlattTo let go, down size. To fire.Time to fire up my resume, I just got Blatt\'d at work.
@ejeffreys99SundayA horrible day of the week full of losing, tears, and agony.I was having a half decent week then Sunday rolled around.
@never_toosoonMesaThe inability to closeI brought her back to my place but then I Mesa\'d
@JonInGriffinLernerPathetic and Irrelevant BillionaireThe owner of Aston Villa is a real Lerner
@WinkiebakerCSTTo get your idea ripped offI had the most 🔥🔥🔥 tweet, but it was CSTed, and I never got credit.
@ejeffreys99JR SmithTo disappear when most needed. Turkey.Aliens were appearing over major cities but will smith JR Smithed and everybody died.
@chesneckbeardQuarterbackA football position that the Browns have never filled.The Browns have to draft a quarterback this year
@ryanhite7Steph CurryGarbage, trashDid you take out the steph curry yet?
@buckeyesalesVizqueledWhen you use only one hand to complete an action, usually in spectacular fashionI totally Vizqueled the baby\'s diaper change today.
@WinkiebakerMcNeilTo troll opposing fan bases under pseudonymsI\'m going to McNeil these GS fans.
@nick_skolmutchFarmerTo sweat excessivelyWhen the cops pulled me over I started Farmering, hoping they wouldn\'t smell the Manziel on my breath.
@chesneckbeardJohn ElwaySatan, The Devil, The Dark Lord, Father of LiesI made a deal with John Elway,
@hivelyjrShawn Kemp\'dTo gain excessive weightShe looked great in college but really Shawn Kemp\'d since then.
@Notoriouswojo\"Boozering\"Lying to a blind man.Pretty self explanatory.
@chesneckbeardModellAn unpleasant dump.Man I took the worst Modell this morning. That thai food burned my ass good
@reflogBoweNot showing up at all10 guys Bowed today at work.

4 thoughts on “#CleUrbanDictionary Proposed Submissions So Far….

  1. Yaned

    To get racked in the wedding tackle so hard you don’t know own if you will be able to work for a while.

    “I was playing a pick up game with Draymond Greene and he Yaned me so hard I won’t be able to go to work for a week!”

  2. Yaned

    To get racked in the wedding tackle so hard you don’t know if you will be able to work for a while.

    “I was playing a pick up game with Draymond Greene and he Yaned me so hard I won’t be able to go to work for a week!”

  3. Tony Fernandez

    Verb: to figuratively or literally let an opportunity of a lifetime get by you.

    Ex: “I was doing great but then I went full Tony Fernandez.

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