Cavs NBA Finals Twitter Drinking Game

Since many of you enjoy simulcasting your viewing and tweeting pleasure during big games, I have set out to give you a drinking game to complete your trimulcast experience for The NBA Finals. This is for what happens on your Twitter machine during these games. 

This is the Cavs Twitter drinking game.


1. #Allin216 starts trending.                                              Drink 1

2. Twitter side bet on outcome.                                        Drink 1

3. Steph Curry mouth guard meme.                                Drink 1

4. Draymond Green crotch shot meme.                         Drink 1

5. Danny Tanner GS meme.                                                Drink 1

6. Riley Curry meme.                                                          Drink 1

7. Delly as Steph Curry meme.                                          Drink 2

8. Steven Adams mention.                                                 Drink 2

9. Reference to Cuyahoga River aflame.                         Drink 3

10. Reference to LeBron jersey aflame.                           Drink 3

11. Reference to drive, fumble, shot, etc.                        Drink 3

12. Anna Horford chimes in.                                               Drink 3

13. Reference to elitist California.                                     Drink 3

14. Reference to California water shortage                     Drink water

15. Reference relative housing prices                                Drink 4

16. Mention CA falling into Pacific Ocean.                      Drink 5

17. Mention teacher having sex w/ student.                   Drink 5

18. Reference Oak hippy culture.                                        Drink 5

19. Reference more accurate Oak crime culture.           Drink 40

20. Someone says they will do something dumb if team wins.   Drink for them. 

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