Cavs/ Hawks Series Twitter Drinking Game

General Items

“before each game we gotta pour some out for our homies @MrCavalier34 @CavsFredMcLeod since we don’t get to listen to their call.” (@pappi4000)

“Drink¬†every time the Cavs score! Makes for a fun night!”(@kodyfeldmann)

“drink every time cavs do a long drawn out convoluted handshake celebration…” (@lordofhepunks)

“drink every time the pigeons invade the kitchen in the Buick commercial.” (@smarthiramboyd)

“Drink every time Coach Budebholzer draws up an isolation play for Teague where he just dribbles out the clock.” (@pierogi_logic)

“Every time that it’s so predictable, that you switchover to the Indians or #NHL Playoffs instead. One shot.” (@ebays87)

“two drinks when lue looks lost?” (@jeffreymroczka)

“Drink every time Lue looks confused and LeBron bitches” (@richegc1)

“Anytime the Hawks bitch about not getting called for a foul.” (@buckeyegirl1331)

“Drink anytime the announcers say ‘this doesn’t look like a 1 vs 4 matchup” (@slipkinosu22)

“Drink anytime GSW is mentioned in the broadcast. They do it no matter who is on the damn floor playing.” (@Kristy_CLE)

“Take a drink for every unnecessary Kyrie dribble, you’ll be blacked out 2 minutes in.” (@adam_102392)

“anytime they run a graphic about no #CLE championships, drink until you vomit or at least until you cannot remember.” (@pappi4000)

“Every time¬†Lebron gets “Foul Face” (@rs1071)

“Drink every time Al Horford throws an elbow” (@realarchstanton)

“Drink when AC says a three is hit “from deep in the Q”” (editors note: it won’t be on local broadcast so that will have to be in your head) (@ericmalcolm)

“Drink when Altlanta plays that God-awful bird screech!” (@Marekjim)

“Drink every time Bazemore does something stupid” (@aaronleyser)

“5 shots for every Hawks’ players wives that block Reflog_18 on Twitter” (@brownssuck1999)

Every time @Reflog_18 tells @karenkeylargo to shut up.

“Whenever they play Ludacris over the load speakers.” (PhDinSports)

“Horford Ejection #chug” (@wrenwag)

“One shot for each section of empty seats in Atlanta.” (@MikeDeneen1)

Delly Potpourri

“Two drinks every time Dellavedova dives for a loose ball. One drink every time Kyle Korver doesn’t” (@decm0nk)

“Take one every time they mention Delly rolling up on Korver’s ankle” (@rmarcis) (@ajankowski21)

“They imply Delly is a dirty player” (@phdinsports) (@buckeyenichole)

“Chug a beer every time Delly is mentioned when he is not in the game. Haha. #wasted” (@wrenwag)

Anna Horford Potpourri

image“Every time Al Horford’s sister opens up her filthy mouth about @cavs.” (@eglan)

“Drink every time @annahorford bitches and complains” (@PatinShaker)

“Drink for every Cavs fan Anna Horford blocks on Twitter.” (@0H_I0)

“Mention Anna Horford” (@pronkville08)

“How about I die a little bit inside every time Ana Horford Tweets?…” @JohnnyNicks216

“Drink every time Anna Horford tweets about Delly being a “dirty player” (dj_durham)



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