#CleTwitterTourney Final Four

Congrats to the Four Finalists in the #CleTwitterTourney!!! I480Bridge@I480 Bottlegate@Bottlegate Sports Nation Ohio @SN_Ohio SC Cleveland@SC_Cleveland   Games tip tonight at 6:30 pm. Semifinal Game 1: @I480BRIDGE Vs. @Bottlegate   Semifinal Game #2: @SN_Ohio Vs. @SC_Cleveland   Full Bracket Available at:¬†http://challonge.com/CleTwitterTourney

Elite 8 #CleTwitterTourney

The Elite 8 of the #CleTwitterTourney tips tonight at approximately 8pm. Congrats to the participants!! Full bracket: http://challonge.com/CleTwitterTourney

Cavs/ Hawks Series Twitter Drinking Game

General Items “before each game we gotta pour some out for our homies @MrCavalier34 @CavsFredMcLeod since we don’t get to listen to their call.” (@pappi4000) “Drink¬†every time the Cavs score! Makes for a fun night!”(@kodyfeldmann) “drink every time cavs do a long drawn out convoluted handshake celebration…” (@lordofhepunks) “drink every time the pigeons invade the…