Browns 2016 Draft Drinking Game

Here is your 2016 Cleveland Twitter-sourced Browns draft drinking game rules.

Thanks for everyone’s participation!!

Enjoy the draft!


“The 2016 draft is officially open” Finish Drink (@bmcwz)

“Draft pick is in ‘ding'” One Drink  (@noahharamia)

“after every pick take a shot” (@judgefudge)

One Drink Mentions

“Analytics” (@myronfalwell, @mikedeenan1, @swingingaxxx)

“Upside” (@Rob_Ostrom)

“High Motor” (@rs071)

“Value” (@1st_and_punt)

“Hand Size” (@pronkville08, @clewisx5)

“High football IQ” (@duffymatt24)

“Shooting up draft board” (@tpfd10012)

“When Mel says he just doesn’t get it” (@Pstu24)

“Off field questions” (@jeffreydmiller)

Other- One to Various Drinks

Jaeger when Goodell booed. (@80_rocket)

“Drinks all around if the Browns take any Buckeye.” (@taych)

“The Browns are on the clock” -Tequila Social (@Conch4181)

Trade down= shotgun a beer (@robertcramb)

Gruden likes a guy (@bacon_house)

Mary Kay Cabot retweets someone else’s work. Two Drinks.

After the Browns first pick, finish your drink every time a player who is better than the Browns pick gets drafted. (@p1e9t8e5)

“Punch your nearest neighbor in the face everytime the word “intangibles” is stated” (@schotz)

“one shot of Fireball every time “well, that’s a name we’re hearing a few rounds earlier than expected” (@chasdwithers)

“”small hands” gets 5 small sips…1 for each tiny finger.”(@mgvanwormer)

A shot of Jack Daniels everytime Jimmy Haslam is shown in the Browns war room.” (@The_Brown_Log)

–“Sip for Sashi, Pound for Paul” (@SchmitonTwit)

If Goldhammer likes the pick, turn off TV and punch yourself in the throat.

“drink entire bottle when they take an undersized QB w substance abuse issues. Oh wait….” (@ingloriousbrdfrd)

“drink every time Grossi reports something that’s already been reported” (@tribebrowns)

“A draft for a draft.
Lineman – heavy beer
WR – light crisp beer
Kicker – Australian beer
QB – failed beer” (@marekjim)

“Punch the person to your right and chug a Four Loko every time they mention Johnny Manziel.” (@brimusbruh)

“drink everytime Cleveland failures are shown or talked about.” (@extremegamer)

Some jackass starts a draft Twitter poll. 1 drink per vote.


“#PrayerCircleForEveryonesLiver” (@RollTribe2016)

“um if we do #DraftDrinking everyone will be passed out by the time they get to our R1 pick 😳” (@princesswikki)



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