Best Twitter Account in Cleveland #CleTwitterTourney

I’ve had a few people ask me recently what are the best Twitter accounts to follow in Cleveland. This, of course, led me to thinking about another tourney.

Born is the #CleTwitterTourney. This is an attempt to determine your favorite Twitter account in Cleveland. Since this will be highly subjective and most likely divisive, I am asking for nominations for accounts to be considered.

Once nominations close, we will field a bracket of 64 accounts to find who is the top account in Cleveland according to your vote.

*For consideration, accounts should be based in Cleveland and/or have content that is predominantly about Cleveland/ Northeast Ohio area.

*Only those nominated on the form below accurately and completely will be considered for the field.

*You may nominate your account, but special consideration is given to those nominated by others.

*You may nominate multiple accounts (use separate forms).

*Preference will be given to the reason for the account inclusion over the number of followers the account has.

*Nominations close the evening of Friday, May 13th.

*All seeding will be according to number of followers at the time bracket is constructed.

*Brackets will be announced after the nominations close.

*All games will originate on @Reflog_18 and carry on over at @clemediapoll.


*Note: @Reflog_18 will not be in the field.


6 thoughts on “Best Twitter Account in Cleveland #CleTwitterTourney

  1. I am nominating @tpfd10012

    Main qualifications

    A. Have no problem telling Karen to shut up.

    B. My son plays soccer, so I have an “in” with Soccer Moms… yummm

    C. Thinks the Drefly guy is “a real dick.”

  2. I’m nominating myself. Because I have to put up with you and your catfishing and polls and tourneys and I still want to go out with you

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