Best Moment of the Cavs 2015/2016 NBA Championship #CavsMoment

Looking for something to follow with the MLB on the All Star break while still feeling the buzz from the Cavs NBA Championship?

We got your answer.

To try to relive the magic that was the 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Championship we are going to have a tourney to determine the best moment of the Championship. Myself and @CLEsportsBummer are behind this so tweet any complaints at him. 👍


These moments will be featured in the new Cleveland Coloring Book, “Why is Daddy Overjoyed on Sunday?”! There is a link below to help fund the Kickstarter for this project.


The tourney tips at 8 pm tonight!!!


Here are the #CavsMoments and seeding for the tourney.

  1. Kyrie game winning shot in game 7
  2. LeBron blocks Iguodala in Game 7
  3. Love stops Curry at end of Game 7
  4. LeBron stepping over Draymond & Nut punch
  5. LeBron yells “Cleveland, This Is For You” after Game 7
  6. Curry Throws Mouth Guard Game 6
  7. LeBron crying after Game 7
  8. LeBron holds up trophy at airport
  9. Ty Lue crying at end of Game 7
  10. JR shirtless at parade
  11. Ty Lue laughing at Curry after ejection
  12. K Love Stone Colding 2 Beers while wearing Austin 3:16 Shirt
  13. LeBron speech at parade
  14. LeBron Blocks Curry and talks shit Game 6
  15. LeBron blocks Curry after buzzer in Game 3
  16. 25 three pointers against Hawks
  17. Lil Kev
  18. JRs speech to his Dad after Game 7
  19. Cavs sweep Hawks again
  20. Dahntay Jones 5 Point in Game 6


Full Bracket




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