Best Moment of 2015/2016 Cavs Championship Season #CavsMoment

To try to relive the magic that was the 2015/2016 Cleveland Cavaliers title run (it was fun to type that) we are going to have a tourney to determine the best moment of the season. Myself and @CLEsportsBummer are behind this so tweet any complaints at him. 👍


We will enter moments based upon nominations. We will also select one nomination that we like to receive the Cleveland classic “Why is Daddy…” Prize pack featuring both the current books available now!!image

To get us started, we have identified the following moments as being in the tourney:

1. Kyrie game winning shot in game 7
2. LeBron blocks Iguodala in Game 7
3. Love stops Curry at end of Game 7
4. LeBron holds up trophy at airport
5. Ty Lue crying at end of Game 7
6. JR shirtless at parade
7. LeBron blocks Curry after buzzer in Game 3
8. 25 three pointers against Hawks
9. Lebron crying after Game 7
10. Lil Kev
11. LeBrons speech at parade
12. Cavs blow out the Spurs in reg season
13. Cavs sweep Hawks again

Your nomination may end up in the new book “Why is Daddy Overjoyed on Sunday?” !!!

You can now nominate your favorite moment to be added below:


#CavsMoment Nomination



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